Selective Prep Maths
Yr 5-6 Maths & Logic
Thursday 5 - 6pm
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Selective Prep Maths


About this course

Focusing on logic, thinking and problem-solving skills, designed to advance and prepare students for the Selective School entry exams.


How do the classes work?

We have group tutoring classes for Maths, English, Physics, Chemistry and Selective School preparation. From year 3 to year 11, the classes run once a week. Once the students hit their HSC year, the classes will switch to twice a week. Year 12 English students will attend a group class once a week and a private class to work on their individual pieces.

How many students are in each class?

Our group classes are kept small to allow our tutors plenty of time to work with each student. Primary school classes are kept at a maximum of eight students per class and High School classes are capped at 12 students per class. As the classes are small, we do require that parents book in early before the term starts.

What is the teaching style?

Our tutors have created their own schedule for the year, using the Board of Studies rubric as a guideline. As each school follows its own teaching plan, students may find the TCC classes either ahead of school or revising the topic for the student. Either way, each syllabus requirement will be covered by the year’s end.


We believe in reinforcement learning – what is taught in that lesson will be practiced in class and will be practiced for homework also. If students have problems with school work, they are to bring them into class early and their tutor will help them.


Our teaching style is relaxed and personable. We aim to make connections with our students and encourage free-flowing communication. Students are welcome to come in anytime the centre is open to study in our open learning space. Students are free to contact their tutors via SMS and email.

How many classes are available?

As our schedules are fairly tight and filled quickly, there are few spots throughout the week for additional classes. Please do contact us though as we may be able to work out a time and space for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us and ask about subjects that are currently not on the schedule. We have many tutors with experience and skills teaching other school subjects.

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The schedule for Selective School Preparation for this term is as follows:

Yr 5-6 Maths & Logic
Thursday 5 - 6pm

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In order to give each student the attention they deserve, we limit the size of our selective school preparation classes. To register your interest in these upcoming classes, please contact us today.